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FIFA 15 Guide:How to price fix,the smart way

  • Many of you have heard about price fixing. Do it badly and you will lose all your money, but don it well and you could double or even quadriple your money. Demand and supply. just remember these two words. It's how the world works. There is a demand for Messi(everyone wants him) but there is only a very small supply. That is why he is so expensive. There could be a small supply for a player(eg.sisto, about 30 cards) but not many people want him in their teams because he isnt as good. Conclusively, demand is needed for Price fixing to work.

    For example, price fixing normal bronze card, unless it is in high demand,(eg.bolly) simply will not work because there is no demand or a small demand. Price fixing a very popular player eg Ramsay(Arsenal) might or might not work. Because the player is so well known, there are many, many pages of Ramsays. Even of you manage to buy up all of them, more Ramsays will be flooded onto the market as a result of their increased price fix price. 1000(price)x20 pages(200 cards)-200,000 needed to price fix Ramsay. Let's say you list all of them up for 3000  FIFA 15 coins. People will notice the change in prices and realise that if they sold him from their teams, or from their club etc, they could make a small profit. This will lead to undercutting. Someone will list him up for 2900 and the next person will list him up for 2800. Eventually, his price will plummet again and you will have lost 200.000. However, if you do it the smart way. Pick a silver player in demand. Taiwo-73-Lb-Turk League-Perfect chem with Emenike. Double check, 7000 likes on Futhead And 87 beast rating. Perfect. If you had enough money, price fixing this guy would work quite well. He currently goes for 7.4k but in comparison, Armero, another lb,colombia,serie A has the same stats but goes for 51,000. Armero, plays in the Serie. A, a popular league. As a result, his price is a lot higher than Taiwo. If someone had enough money to price fix him, they could put him up for 20k and I am sure there would be a demand for that.

    Anyway, remember when you price fix, you must be able to buy all the cards( to control supply) and make sure you choose a card people want and list it up for a reasonable price.