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FUT 16 Ideas

  • I've never bought coins before and with EA's new price ranges, it's becoming harder and harder to successfully receive coins. This makes receiver IF's and MOTM's and other special cards even more difficult. I've never played with one of these special cards before, so I thought it might be a cool idea to allow upgrades from a non-IF to an IF after a certain milestone is reached. For example, if you have normal rare Griezmann in your club and you score say 50 goals, you would, for a small price, have the option of upgrading the card to IF Griezmann.


    EDIT: Must score 50 goals in an ONLINE game mode. Also informs would be untradable
    EDIT 2: Must score 200 goals in an online or offline game mode (World Class or above) + untradable


    This sounds good in theory, but if I needed 150 goals with someone to get their IF, I'm just going to play offline. Say goals for a striker, assists/goals for a midfielder, goals/clean sheets for a defender, and clean sheets for a GK would be the criteria.



    So are you saying that every card will have an IF level to be upgraded to.. or just once a player receives an IF, then his NIF card could be "milestoned" to the IF? There are a few problems I see with this.. First, if all players have an IF level to be reached, then why would anyone buy packs for TOTW? Second, the price of some really fun players that could be turned into amazing players with an IF would cause the price of the NIF to skyrocket, especially rare silvers in leagues where there are only one or two good options at a certain position, unless the bands were kept low.


    Third, do the NIFs, when upgraded, receive a position switch if the actual IF has one? My tweak on this great idea you have would be to simply have each IF available on loan for the week they are in packs. This would allow people to try out IFs, for a few games, maybe 10, and for a limited time. If they are happy with the IF, they could then go purchase it on the market. This would also encourage people to buy new NIF cards every week to try out the new loanable IFs in the TOTW. Since it is unlikely to ever be a win/win situation for us when dealing with EA, with the IF loans EA can still sell their packs, and we all get a special little treat every week to look forward too.


    Hell, it may even increase pack purchases, as people who try out an IF, but can't afford it on the market may fall in love with it and end up spending a bit more to try and pack it. The only way any major change like yours or mine will happen is if EA can be convinced that their bottom line will be more likely to go up.


    I like this if A) They're untradeable (you could farm cheap Fifa 16 coins relatively easily I guess) and B) Like other people have said, you have to online, or offline with professional difficulty or higher or something of that manner. Otherwise I kind of like this idea.