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The Players Game - FIFA 16

  • Most people disagreed with some of my ideas but also agreed with some so i am doing a follow up on my last post with what would be the most fun fifa we've had to date.


    -Passes go to players instead of completely off.


    -Players feel like more smooth and make you feel like you're in control instead of feeling bulky and out of control.


    -Goalkeepers don't run off of line unless pressing Y or Triangle.


    -Keepers AI actually improved instead of getting chipped from 50 yards or knocking it in goal just improve them.


    -(I Personally do not believe in this but)No Handicap, Scripting, Momentum. It is all down to team and ability. It is the players fault for having a bad team and playing bad not the player with Fifa 16 coins xbox one.


    -Some defenders back off towards the goal and some try to get the ball from the player (Sort of like Pre-Patch)


    -Strikers don't stay in offside positions.


    -Goal line technology actually works.
    (Leave suggestions for gameplay in comments and i'll add them)



    -Generations (EA might have lost the licenses to the league or player so some players may be missing but some players are better than nothing)


    -Players with 4 Star skill moves and 80+ dribbling can nutmeg players by pressing the right analog stick to attempt a nutmeg has a 50% chance of success easier to do against silver and bronze defenders but harder again 80+ defending players.


    -Online Pro in UT start as 40 Rated bronze but you can have accomplishments like in career pro.
    You can change players club, position and color like TOTS, Inform anytime you want OR EA might want to make money off of this so you can pack the player unlock or pay $5 to unlock it.


    -Kit creator EX: Barca Kit but Pink and Black or Man United kit but Yellow. EA can charge money for his $5 to unlock the Kit and Badge Creator.


    -Badge Creator


    -Players can vote for the POTM for any league and have them 2+ card rating but 5-10 stat boost on what positon they play EX: ST-CF 8+ SHO


    -Better rewards for tournaments EX: 5,000 - 10,000 coins and a 35k pack (untradeable)


    -More player tourneys EX: Green Keane Classic


    -Rewards EX: Score a hat-trick in the first half of a game = Offline: 5,000 coins Online:10,000
    Score 100 goals with one player Offline/Online100,000 Fifa 16 coins.